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  • Also used for Water Well Drilling
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The K40 and K60 drilling rig kit are capable of residential and commercial geothermal drilling. Perfect for limited access or low head room drilling.
Drilling tooling is also available.

Water Well

The K60 kit offers upgraded torque and pullback for deeper drilling projects. The K3 mast unit is also an option for larger excavators and carrier machines.


The compact K40 kit drilling rig is the prefect unit for restricted access drilling. Capable of drilling up to 12" in diameter and running casings, the K40 kit offers power and versatility.

Low Headroom

The short mast K40 kit makes drilling in low headroom or restricted access areas possible. The high torque rotation head and high pullback means even deep holes are possible.


Finished Rigs

Finished Driling Rigs are also available as required. Please call for a quotation and to speak to a sale rep today!

What's a Rig Kit?

What are my options? What is included in the kit? Can I upgrade the components in the kit? How do I build it? What else will I need to get going?

Rig Components

Modular Rig Kit components allow you to upgrade your existing rig or new Rig Kit. See our product list for more information.


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